About MPS Law

“We probably don’t want to get much bigger. There’s a certain point where the character and culture of a law firm changes. It becomes more institutionalized, bureaucratic and impersonal. Our attorneys prefer the environment we offer, where it’s more entrepreneurial, and they have a chance to build a practice focused on what they do best, and what our clients really need.”

-- Brian Meltzer


An Honestly Different Kind of Law Firm

Like any other business, most law firms measure success in terms of growth - in revenues, profits, staff, and ever-widening service offerings. That stands in contrast to MPS Law, where success is defined solely by the needs and objectives of the clients we serve. The result: An organization designed to attract and support the best attorneys in select practice areas. An organization that is leaner in numbers, deeper in talent, and united by an uncompromising commitment to put our clients’ interests first and last.

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