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Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law

Our Bankruptcy & Restructuring lawyers work aggressively with corporate debtors, secured creditors, unsecured creditors and investors to maximize economic recoveries from distressed assets and companies.

Attorneys in our Bankruptcy & Restructuring group have represented diverse parties in numerous Chapter 11 Cases, both in the bankruptcy court in Chicago and other courts across the country.  Clients in these cases include Chapter 11 debtors, landlords, secured creditors, unsecured creditors and buyers and sellers in section 363 sales before the bankruptcy court.  Our Bankruptcy & Restructuring team provides a broad range of bankruptcy and financial restructuring services in commercial matters including:

  • Representation of business debtors, secured lenders, investors and other parties in Chapter 11 and other bankruptcy cases
  • Out-of-court restructurings
  • Fraudulent transfer, preference litigation and other Bankruptcy Court litigation
  • Section 363 sales, representing buyers, sellers, lenders and investors
  • Commercial landlord-tenant matters
  • Receiverships
  • Assignments for the benefit of creditors

Recent representations before the Bankruptcy Court in Chicago include clients in the following Chapter 11 cases:  

  • Dvorkin Holdings, Inc. (representation of secured creditor)
  • River West Plaza-Chicago, LLC d/b/a Joffco Square (represented debtor)
  • Gas City, Ltd. (represented secured creditors); Qualteq, Inc. (representation of landlord)
  • Sparrer Sausage Company, Inc. (representation of debtor)
  • Neumann Homes, Inc. (represented secured creditor)
  • SKS Properties, Inc. (representation of debtor)
  • Radlax Gateway Hotel, LLC (represented co-lender)

Recent Chapter 11 representations elsewhere in the country include:  

  • Representation of the landlord in the Fuller Brush Company, Inc. case in New York 
  • Representation of the debtor in the Eliason Combination Fund case in Wisconsin
  • Representation of the debtor in the Coldwater Portfolio Partners case in Indiana.

In the previous cycle of Chapter 11 filings, attorneys in our Bankruptcy & Restructuring group represented clients in the following Chapter 11 cases, among others:

  • Conseco, Inc. case (represented Securitization Holders’ Committee)
  • Outboard Marine Corporation (represented buyer of the engine division)
  • Orius Corp. (represented debtor); Scottsboro Aluminum LLC (representation of secured creditor)
  • McCook Aluminum (represented secured creditor)
  • Bucyrus International (represented post-confirmation debtor in litigation against its former Chapter 11 counsel)
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