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Special Service Areas, TIF and Other Special Financing Transactions

At MPSlaw, we often discover that traditional financing and development strategies are no longer applicable to acquire, finance and complete large or complex projects for the redevelopment and re-use of urban and suburban infill areas or the construction and expansion of business facilities. This holds true especially for development in outlying areas where little or no infrastructure exists. These strategies include financing and development incentives in tax increment financing districts, transit-oriented development and business development districts, and special service areas etc.

Our skilled attorneys’ experience representing businesses, developers and lenders helps them establish such these areas and secure the particular incentive and special finance arrangements within these types of districts to complete a wide variety of projects.

  • On behalf of owners of businesses and commercial, industrial and residential apartment owners and developers, our attorneys have helped secure land, financing and financial incentives for renovation, industrial development and infrastructure, plant expansion and interior tenant and life-safety improvements.
  • We represent retail, residential and mixed-use project developers, engaged the redevelopment of blighted and vacant urban and suburban infill parcels and parcels located within retail and transit-oriented districts, assisting such developers in their responses to municipal requests for qualifications and proposals and drafting and negotiating development and redevelopment agreements to secure available incentives.
  • We also represent homebuilders and commercial developers of outlying property in connection with establishing special service areas and other districts to assist them with the installation of infrastructure and other public and quasi-public improvements necessary to develop residential subdivisions and large and small scale retail centers.
  • Our law practice also includes representing commercial lenders who provide financing to businesses and developers within such areas and districts to provide the advice and documentation necessary to secure the lender’s liens and security interests in and to the incentives benefitting the financed project.
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