Condominium and Planned Unit Development Law, Conceptual Planning and Documentation

How to Sell Yourself A Road Map for Condominium Associations


The purpose of this paper is to lay out a suggested procedure for a condominium association which desires to sell its property to do so in an orderly manner that will maximize the distributions to the owners with the minimum amount of time, effort, and conflict.

A. Background/De-Conversion Phenomena.

Condominiums were first authorized in Illinois in 1963 when the Illinois...

Converting the American Dream into a New Melting Pot; How to Deal With the Problem of Vacant Condo Units


The “for sale/owner occupant” housing market has been in a state of depression since 2007. The United States is now faced with millions of unoccupied, or soon to be unoccupied, homes resulting from foreclosures, abandonment or failure to sell after construction or rehab. Even in the good times, affordable housing was a serious national issue. A potential opportunity that presents itself in the...

Busted Non-Condominium Projects in the Chicago Area


By: Brian Meltzer

There are many busted non-condominium and mixed product projects in the Chicago area, primarily in the suburbs and exurbs. The issues for busted non-condominium projects are different and often more complicated than those for busted condominiums. In this article, I discuss what I see going on...

MPS Real Estate, Stalled Condominium and Planned Unit Developments


By Brian Meltzer

During the first 12 years of our 15 years in business, MPS concentrated
our practice in the area of representing middle market businesses, with a niche
in representing homebuilders, commercial developers and condominium converters,
as well as financial institutions which made acquisition,...

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